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OEKRAINE 12-12 90.00

As the war in Ukraine is going into its 4th week, we continue to be shocked by the horrifying images of this senseless war.
The Ukrainian people have suffered immensely.
Not only has there been a lot of material damage, but the human suffering has been incredibly harsh and is a humanitarian catastrophe. 
We can no longer stand idly by.

We are producing a limited edition of 50 black t-shirts (LARGE) with a blue thistle on a bright yellow background, which are - as we are all familiar with now - the proud colors of the Ukrainian flag.
The flower is known for its roughness and ability to thrive in harsh conditions. It’s a symbol for pain but also protection, pride, good luck, strength and courage.
100% of the sales of these shirts will be donated to Oekraine 1212

Oekraine1212 are 7 humanitarian organizations under the same umbrella who provide humanitarian help for the Ukrainian citizens.
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